If you have not found your question in the list, please write to our technical support. The maximum processing time for your request is 30 minutes.

I already have a project. How do I transfer it to TOWWWER?

Fine! Write to our technical support, and we will transfer everything ourselves.

I want to change the tariff. How to do it?

Easy. Just email us. You can change the tariff at any time.

What does "virtual" server mean?

A virtual server is a complete emulation of a separate physical server. We are implementing this emulation using KVM, a virtualization system that has long established itself as one of the fastest and most convenient. The only difference between a virtual server and a dedicated one is that a dedicated server is a separate physical machine, while there can be several virtual servers on one computer. And unless you work with huge amounts of data and do not require super-powerful speeds, you will not feel any difference between a virtual server and a dedicated server.

I want to get a refund for services. How to do it?

We return all funds to clients - but only if our services were not provided in full, specified in the contract. To get a refund, you need to contact us, write a statement and provide a copy of your passport.

Is it possible to order a service for less than a month?

No, we do not provide such an opportunity.

I want a test mode. Do you have it?

No, we do not provide a test mode service.

What happens if my server crashes?

We eliminate any malfunctions within an hour, at any time of the day. We also constantly monitor the operation of all systems, without exception, so the probability of breakdown is absolutely minimal.

Technical support